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    Ergonomic pouches

    Ergonomic pouches

    ALFI pouches are ergonomic, improving the satisfaction of those who prefer them to tin cans or glass jars. The shape, the dimensions together with the safety, the usability, the comfort and all the other prerogatives of these modern pouches determine a high degree of efficiency which translates into space and CO2 savings.

    Alfichef pouches are "flat" and occupy little space/volume compared to tin cans and glass jars (ratio 1 to 1.5 when full; ratio 1 to 40 when empty). Their reduced size translates into the preservation of warehouse space as well as lower transport and disposal costs.

    Buongusto sottoli bags are "light" for their product category (only 5g. compared to 150g. or more of cans and glass jars). Their handling, according to the significant quantities typical of mass-market products, translates into lower transport costs with a consequent reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment.

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